1. “A Reference Guide to the Australian Patent System”
- Edition 2, August 2010

2. “A Reference Guide to the Australian Trade Mark System”
- Edition 1, March 2009

3. "Pharmaceutical Extensions in Australia - A Reference Guide"
- Edition 2, July 2009, Robert Finzi & Thomas Boyce


"First win against Myriad decision in Australia "

- Vaughan Barlow

"How to Prosecute Biotech Patents in Australia after Myriad"

- Vaughan Barlow

"How to Prosecute Biotech Patents in Australia after Myriad" (extended version)

- Vaughan Barlow

“Australian Myriad Appeal confirms patentability of genes ”
- Vaughan Barlow

Illustrated Guide to the new Trade Mark Opposition Procedures

- Jennifer Mackie & Julie Simpson

Australian decision on patenting genes – "Federal Court Decides in Favour of Myriad”
- Vaughan Barlow

“The Absurdity of the Unauthorised Disclosure Provisions in Australia”
- Vaughan Barlow

“Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011. A Summary of the Provisions”

- Jennifer Mackie

“Tools for the 10th NICE EDITION in Australia”
- Julie Simpson

“Australian IP Alert”
- Jennifer Mackie

Wild Goose Chase

- Jennifer Mackie

Relying on the Grace Period for Divisional Applications in Australia

- David Miles & Alison McMillan

Broader Swiss style claims now allowable in New Zealand
- Vaughan Barlow

Dodging a Bullet - Getting out from under your own art
in Australia
- Bill Bennett

Business Methods in Australia - Grant v Commissioner of Patents [2006] FCAFC 120 (18 July 2006)
- Bill Bennett

Inventive Step In Australia
Lockwood Security Products Pty Ltd v Doric Products Pty Ltd
[No2] [2007] HCA 21 (23 May 2007)
- Bill Bennett

Product-By-Process Claims: A Jurisdictional Comparison
- Tom Boyce, Bill Bennett & Nick Finnie

Innovation Patents in Australia – The Strongest Patent in the World?
- Bill Bennett & Alison McMillan

Contributory Infringement in Australia

Northern Territory v Collins [2008] HCA 49
- Bill Bennett

"Australian Trade Marks Year in Review 2009"
- Jenny Mackie & Dawn Logan Keeffe


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