Although nanotechnology has been around for some time now, as a science it has only recently started to provide a real indication of its commercial potential. Remarkable predictions are being made, with good reason, as to the place nanotechnology will hold in society in years to come. From use of nanotechnology in medical applications, textiles, hydrogen storage and photocatalysis, the applications appear boundless. Our team is committed to maintaining an up to date knowledge of developments in nanotechnology. Our attorneys frequently attend conferences and seminars in an effort to keep up with this quickly evolving and diverse art. Some areas of expertise include carbon nanotube applications, photocatalysts and methods of production, surface chemistry on the nano-scale, bioengineering, including tissue engineering, and self-assembly of nanoscopic structures.

Knowing the commercial importance of the United States in many fields, and particularly in the field of nanotechnology, our team often consults our in-house United States attorneys to ensure the best protection possible is obtained for our local clients in this important jurisdiction.